A Deep Dive Into FLUX beamo and Beam Studio | 3D Engraving Tips

Want to create an exquisite fine-tuned artwork with a laser cutter?

But don’t know how to start?

No worries!

There are several easy tips to learn and implement on your creations provided by one of our amazing users – Declan Cheng.


FLUX beamo and Beam Studio

FLUX beamo


He magically turned a piece of normal wood pallet into a masterpiece of Malaysia Petronas Twin Tower.

In the video, he describes how to operate Beam Studio in detail and use FLUX beamo to maximum advantage.

It’s great for every user of FLUX laser cutter, even the beginners, to learn the tips and create your own artworks.

Discover the unknown mysterious tips hidden in Beam Studio and create a more fine-tuned masterpiece on your own!

After watching the video, it will greatly help refine your artwork into 3D engraving creation.


Go check out Declan Cheng’s YouTube channel to find out more laser engraving and cutting tips in the video.


For more details about Beambox, please click the link.

For more details about beamo, please click the link.

For more details about Beam Studio, please click the link to download.